Happy Year of the OX! 新年快樂 牛年大吉

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Happy Year of the OX! If your reading this, you have survived one of the most difficult years in our lifetimes. Congratulations.

As you usual I painted a watercolor card to commemorate the passing into a new year. I feel I struggled a bit with the traditional medium and finding my way through this painting. (Likely because I don’t watercolor as much as I used to)

The card is available for free download here: Chinese new year of the ox 2021 by drastic77 on DeviantArt

I am in high spirits after being able to reopen at the end of Jan and looking forward to getting back into the proper swing of tattooing. I thank everybody for the patience and generosity over the past year. I told myself to not got carried away and move slow and steady like the ox for this coming year. Peace, love, and happiness to you and your families. See you the studio soon!

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