Hello, my Name is Oliver Wong and I am a San Francisco Native.  I left a career in the financial services to pursue the arts after graduating from the China Europe International Business School in 2011.  My choice was motivated by my passion to create and distaste for the impact that big business is having on our planet.  I apprenticed to Zhen Cang Tattoo’s founder and Master, Just Shao (邵钢) in Shanghai, China.   As a result my style is heavily influenced by East Asian Art.

My focus as a tattooist is on custom illustrative tattooing.  I enjoy the idea of taking a client’s vision and translating it into a unique design.  My design philosophy centers around creating tattoos that flow with the human body and carry the visual message intended by the client.   When approaching a design I always consider composition, readability and longevity.  In order to further my understanding of the aforementioned concepts, I continue to study media outside of tattooing such as digital art, watercolor, pastel, and pencil.

I tattoo by private appointment only because tattooing is an intimate process that requires a strong, uninterrupted dialogue between client and artist in order to yield the best results.  My ideal clients are those that value the process as much as they value the end result.  My philosophy is to work “with” you, instead of “on” you.   Your input and willingness to sit for a tattoo is essential for us to create a tattoo together.  Without you, the client, there really is no tattoo or opportunity to practice my craft.   I am deeply interested in the concept of community and building ongoing tattoo relationships with people.  In my mind, artists are nothing without a community to support them.  I am not looking to tattoo the world, instead I would rather continually tattoo a handful of people who value my process.

I am grateful to have the good fortune to be able continue to pursue art as a result of the continued support I receive from friends, family, and most importantly clients who grant me their trust and confidence.  My goal is to provide the best custom tattooing experience possible to the San Francisco Bay Area community of collectors.